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What makes us different from other pastry shops?

  • All of our croissants are baked with sourdough, making them extra delicious for both you and your body.
  • Every single one of our desserts are baked with non-bleached, organic flour.
  • All of our chocolate cakes are made with genuine chocolate, and contains little to none of additional sugar, other than already in chocolate.
  • No added chemicals or unnecessary ingredients, such as conditioner, in any of the products.

About the owner of The London Pastry

Hi everyone!

This is Danielle, the owner of The London Pastry.

As many of you know, our first shop opened in March 2nd of the year 2018.

I am very glad that you are viewing our website.

I just thought to introduce myself and our The London Pastry shop.

I studied in London, from where I was inspired by the European pastries.

As many of our customers know, our pastry shop use European Methods and sourdough in varieties of our menu. Our pastry shop serves varieties of pastries and desserts that blends in both the British style, other European styles, and American style. All of the pastries are freshly baked at the shop in the morning to provide all of you with freshest, tastiest, and healthiest possible baked goods.

Some may ask, "What's with all these least amount of sugar, sourdough, and no unnecessary chemicals in our pastries an desserts?"

My father and I are well-known for having several sweet-teeth within the family. Yet, my father could not just eat anything, for after suffering from Stage 4 cancer, he had to be careful of his choice of food. And that's what evoked me to study and research healthy ways of making pastries and desserts.

And after seeing how pastries and desserts of other pastries are often very unhealthy. It is now my passion to make healthier pastries and desserts , not only for my family, but also to others, including you.

Thank you for loving our varieties of desserts, pastries, and breads.

I hope to see you soon! Cheers!